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In our house we love tattoos! I only have one on my shoulder. My husband is covered on his chest and both arms. So naturally I have two boys that love the creativity and art that can be expressed through body art. They want to be just like dad. Imagine how excited I was when I saw these Bic Body Mark tattoo Pens last summer.

I started with just the black pen to do outlines and then graduated to buying a full set. We used them a lot last summer and now they get pulled out for fun family tattoo nights where we let the kids draw on us and each other too.

The kids love pokemon and have this encyclopedia that they take turns picking characters out of and I attempt to draw them. I strongly use the word attempt. Every once in awhile I pull a few out that look ok, but most are pretty warped and a little sad looking. I look forward to the day that my daughter is old enough to enjoy these too and maybe I have a chance of drawing something other than cute little pokemon.

The whole point is to have a lot of fun. I find on the kids it takes 3-5 baths for them to fully come off. Just a warning, on older skin it takes longer. Poor grandma let them draw all over her legs and it took well over a month to scrub off. Check out the videos and pics below to see how we did. Just a quick warning. My sons were very insistent on picking out the music. I love it but its a bit loud. Enjoy and please send in or leave pics in the comments if you get some and try out your own temporary tattoos

These tattoo pens provided hours if not days of entertainment. There was one day that I took my four year old to a splash park and he was running around with his shirt off. He got so much attention from other kids. They thought he was the coolest thing ever. So he strutted around for weeks after that. 

Being perfectly honest it was a bit harder to get him into the bath. He was so afraid of them coming off. But we would just retrace them or scrub the old ones off and put on a new one. 

There was one day, I wish I had taken a picture, that I had my husband use them to draw a tattoo on the top part of my ear. I want to get one there and I thought it would be neat to try it out as a temporary first. It did not go well ha ha. 

Bottom line is that these were a great find. We’ve had a ton of fun drawing tattoos on each other. The kids are getting more and more creative every time we do it. And I’m definitely up for anything that encourages creativity. Even if it comes at the cost of me being covered in half washed off tattoos for a week.

If you give them a try, please leave pics in the comments. I would love to see them

Happy Tattooing!