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My Hydrotherapy Experience and How to Recreate It

Hydrotherapy is my number one way to relieve stress, I just never knew it until recently.

This was always my go to. Long day? Hot Bath. Needed a minute alone? Hot shower. Want to feel motivated? Ice Cold Shower. Favorite feeling in the world? Diving into a cold lake. I always pull towards water for help physically and to change my state of mind. It just wasn’t something I was aware of or really thought about.

I also love spas. I mean who doesn’t? They just don’t quite fit into the budget that often. Last year I was fortunate enough to go to a spa and have an experience called a hydropath. I had no idea what I had signed up for. I just new it involved water and had rave reviews. Sounds great!

When I got there I changed into my bathing suit and was guided down this staircase to a basement. I was with two friends. We were told to hang up our robes and they would be waiting for us at the end. End of what?

The door opened and we entered a dark cave-like oasis. Not at all what I was expecting. The guide explained that she would leave us at each station and return when it was time to move to the next. We spent the next hour going through the following stations:

  • A cave shower with more jets than I knew were possible. We giggled and held on to the walls as we were blasted from all angles. Trying to hold our bathing suits on in certain areas. What the heck did we get ourselves into?
  • Next came a grotto style Hot tub. You were supposed to rotate around the tub to enjoy all the different jets
  • We were then whisked to another cave room with Five showers. Each with different water flows and pressures to rotate through. Some were great. Some drowning. But still a very unique experience
  • Up next? The eucalyptus steam room. It was a great as it sounds
  • So my friends opted to skip what came next. The ice cold waterfall Shower. I really do love cold water as much as hot so I gave it a go. It sucked my breathe away but I felt like a new person after.
  • Now was a long path of hot water up to your waist with jets at different heights to massage different points on your legs. You did three laps through the hot water in one direction and then came the opposite direction in an ice cold long pool with the same type of jets.
  • Second to last was another hot tub. This one was called a saline hot pool with a high salt content which caused you to float quite easily. There was a rain shower that poured lightly from the ceiling.
  • The last one was really cool. You had your own little bath. It was shaped like a clam shell and you crawled into this almost scalding hot water basin. They gave you a little bowl of body scrub and cold cloth. After exfoliating your entire body you placed the cold cloth on your face and relaxed until you went into a noodle-like state.

I slept amazing that night. and felt very calm and mellow for the rest of the day. I am so happy that I got to enjoy this really cool experience. It also made me realize how much I depend on hydrotherapy to help me on a regular basis.

How Can you do this at Home?

Last time I checked I don’t have an elaborate Grotto filled with hidden jets and steam rooms. I have a tub, a shower and a few bags of epsom salts. I also rarely have hours to lounge around in the water so I wanted to design a hydrotherapy relaxation night that I can do every once in awhile when I really need a recharge.

I came up with this routine. Its not fancy but it really does renew me. 

First I work out. This does add up to an hour for time but it heats up my internal temperature and gets the blood flowing in your muscles and lungs. I find when I push my breathe as hard as I can during a workout, I can find my slower breathing easier after. I’m not going to pretend I’m an avid fitness junkie. Its something I struggle with. But I find it really helps for stress release. 

Onto an ice cold shower. I don’t mean mildly warm. I mean icy, have to take short breaths. I do this for about two minutes. Quick soap up and shampoo to rinse off the workout sweat. Bonus to an ice cold shower. When you step out check yourself in the mirror. Everything is quite perky! Its a confidence boost for sure.

I start a hot bath which I fill with epsom salts. While the bath is pouring I splash warm water on my face and put a face mask on. I stand in the tub which is ankle deep at this point and do a shoulder to toe body scrub. Standing in the tub is less messy than standing on a towel and the warm water on your feet feels nice. Then I move back to the shower and do a 10 second rinse in the shower to get the scrub and face mask off. 

Sink into the tub and relax for minimum 20 min. You muscles need at least 20 min in the hot water with the salts to start to let go of tension. I know its a cliche but I love to light candles and listen to music. Otherwise I find I get bored. I love the feeling of hot water on my scalp so I periodically dunk my whole head under the water in the tub. 

I like to stay in the tub until I’m too warm. That’s my deciding point to get out. Once I get out,I lotion my entire body and immediately put on my coziest comfy clothes. These usually consist of my husbands fleece sweatpants and over sized hoodie. 

Finally I stretch for 15 minutes before sleep. I do very simple stretches and yoga that are easy for me to do 8 second breathes. 4 seconds in and 4 seconds out. By the time I’ve completed my stretches I am done! Ready for bed and I feel amazing. I always sleep so deep. If I have been extra prepared and organized I make sure earlier in the day that I’ve changed the bed and have nice fresh sheets to crash into.

I can’t say its the exact same experience as the spa hydropath. That place was amazing. But for an at home bathroom hydrotherapy spa night its become my new favorite. One last thing to really emphasize. I saved it for last so you would remember. During your whole hydrotherapy experience, HYDRATE! Drink lots and lots and lots. You might have to pee a bit through the night but your body needs it. 

If you have any other hydro tips I would love to hear them! Send me an email.

Happy Relaxing