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Hanger snowflakes combine many of my favorite things. Christmas, lights, and oversize statement decorations.

They are super cheap to make, they are beautiful, and only take about 30 min.

The best thing about them, is that hanger snowflakes look amazing and make you look like a crafting master.

What will I Need?

Before we get started on the steps to build Plastic Hanger snowflakes, I need to point out a few amazing things about this craft

  • The hangers were only $3/pack!! You need to buy two to have enough for one and Three packs for two snowflakes, but if you are making two snowflakes then its extra cheap. Amazing!
  • You will see that the steps are so easy and it looks sooooo good.
  • I love all things that light up so I taped lights to mine. But it really does look beautiful either way. I bought mine from amazon. They are lightweight and taped to the snowflake really easily

Step 1: Let’s Build a Hanger Snowflake! Prep the pieces

To start, pair all the hangers together and tie them together at each end.

Make sure the hooks are facing the same way. You can see in my top middle one, I messed up so I had to cut the ribbon and re-do it

I tied the ribbon in a double knot. Just one on each end of the hangers. So two per set. 32 tied ribbons and your prep is done!

Step 2: Line up the Design

Take the attached pair of hangers and place them on a flat surface in this design.

Put four sets in a diamond, paying attention to how the hooks and center line up.

After laying out the first layer, you will do the exact same thing on a second offset layer on top.

Take a pair of the hangers and lay them with the center line placed directly in between the two hanger curved tops. Much better displayed in the video. Lay out the entire top layer to get an idea of what the final product will look like

Step 3: Tying it All Together

Once you have an idea of how your layers will look. You can start to tie them together.

You will add 16 more ribbon ties to fully attach the two layers together and have your complete Hanger snowflake

Watch the video below to see all 16 tie points

loop it around underneath and tie a triple knot to make sure its really tight. Do this 8 times around the center, connecting every set of hanger pairs together
Next, tie the connecting hangers with the center piece laid down the middle. You will add 8 of these as well. See the video for the complete overview of all the spots to tie.

16 points in total to connect the Hanger snowflake all together

Final Product displayed on my fireplace. I love it! Looks so amazing! See below if you want to add lights

Step 4: (OPTIONAL) Adding lights to your Hanger Snowflake

Adding the lights I will admit made it look fantastic at night time, but they are very noticeable on it during the day.

So I think this would be best if you are planning on using them in a window or somewhere where nobody is going to look at them up close.

I ran it along the arms and taped with clear scotch tape

I did not have much of a layout plan. just up one arm and down the next.

Close up of my sweet taping skills.

And that’s it! Super Easy, Cheap and Beautiful. I hope this tutorial was helpful and you make your own gorgeous Hanger Snowflake!