Spread some happy

Every year around Christmas time our kids hockey teams have a Christmas party. Just a chance for the kids to have some fun off the ice and the parents to share some Christmas cheer. We usually like to play a game or two and make it extra fun for the players.

Last year I decided to write a story based on another Christmas game called Right to Left. If you’re not familiar with it, everybody sits in a circle with a gift. Then a story is read where the words, RIGHT, LEFT and ACROSS are used a lot and every time a word is said you either pass your gift left, right or to the person across. Then when the story is over you open whatever gift you are holding. Usually the story involves Santa on some sort of adventure but I revised the idea to involve Hockey. 

I decided rather than asking each child to bring a gift I would just have one prize gift. It was something small. Hockey stick shaped candy canes if I remember correctly. I wrapped it and taped it to the bottom of one chair before the kids arrived. Then placed all 16 chairs in a giant circle. Make sure that they are spaced in a way that it is super clear who is directly across from them.

When it was time for the game I had all the kids pick a chair. Then instead of having them pass a gift around, they had to get up and move for each direction in the story. It was super fun and great for kids that have trouble sitting still.

This was my story. Use it for your parties and make sure to change the names to fit your team. The kids get so excited when they hear their name in the story. When the story is all finished tell them that one lucky winner will have a prize taped to the bottom of their chair. Get ready for chaos because they will flip those things over fast. Have fun and Happy Holidays

The Big Game

There was one game LEFT in the season for our super awesome team. And it was the biggest game of the season yet. The kids were excited and nervous from the top of their head RIGHT down to their toes

The first line skated out onto the ice. Joe and Caleb were on defence, Brooks in net and Ruby, Jarett and Jesse out front. They lined up RIGHT ACROSS from their opponents and gave them a good stare down. RIGHT in the eyes

The puck dropped and Jesse passed it LEFT to Jarett. He quickly carried it up the LEFT side and passed it ACROSS to Ruby who was positioned RIGHT in front of the net. She shot it in. RIGHT through the goalies legs. Everyone cheered and Ruby did a victory dance.

Then came the second line. Haley, Darren and Jordan were ready to score the second goal, while Aaron and Liam would defend their lead.

RIGHT away the other team got the puck. Their player stick handled LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT……..and LEFT once more. He stopped and shot it RIGHT at Brooks. Brooks grabbed it out of the air. Shutting them down! Liam got the puck and passed it ACROSS the ice to Darren. Darren passed with the LEFT side of his stick up the boards to Jordan. Jordan shot and the goalie blocked it. With quick hands, Haley was RIGHT there to get the rebound. Score!!! It was a great start to the game.

Fast forward to the third period with 2 min LEFT. The game had shifted a bit and was tied 2-2. The line of Cohen, Danny, Jake, Michael and Ben were the last hope. Tension was high and the arena was quiet.

The kids glanced at each other with a look of determination ACROSS their faces. The face off was lost and the puck went LEFT. It was quickly shot up the middle to which coach Bob yelled GO GO GO!! The other team nabbed it and skated it back in our zone. They skated to the RIGHT side of the net and passed it ACROSS the front. The pass was missed! Jake shot the puck up the RIGHT side and Michael expertly turned LEFT and shot it RIGHT into the net with seconds LEFT to spare.  WE WIN!!!

The kids cheered and celebrated all around the ice. They skated LEFT, RIGHT, ACROSS, up and down the ice. It was the perfect end to a great season.