30 day Challenge for the Super Deker

30 day Challenge for the Super Deker

Fresh off my motivation of watching “the Last Dance” about Michael Jordan, I wanted to show my kids that hard work, even in its smallest form can add up to more. Thus, the 30 day Challenge for the Super Deker was started.

I have mentioned in some of my other posts how much our family loves the Super Deker in this house. They use it to settle disputes, compete for things they want and just for something to do when they are bored.

My husband is a hockey guy so he holds the house record. Me, not so much. My 5 year old has now passed me in abilities.

I Decided to start a 30 day super Deker challenge for 2 reasons:

  1. I’m tried of being made fun of for my weak skills
  2. I Want to show the kids in a tangible way that when you work at something consistently every day, you will improve immensely. This is something I try to tell them constantly. If you read 15 min everyday, it will improve your reading comprehension. If you practice fractions 10 min a day you will understand them so much better. 10 min of tidying up at the end of the day makes the world of difference. These are all things I say but I feel like it goes unheard. So I’m going to give them undeniable, slap in your face proof. If mom can get significantly better at the super Deker by practicing 10 min a day, then just think what they could be capable of in all aspects.

Day 1 was a little rough. But I feel like a good starting point. The very first time I ever did it when we got it a year ago, I got 14. So 29 is a pretty big feat already!

After 30 days of practicing I upped my number. Well almost 30 days. There were a few that I missed in there. Overall, in the 30 day challenge, I think I accomplished about 25 days. My husband gave me a few tips, like just practicing passing the puck back and forth with the machine not turned on. Just to get my wrist a bit more relaxed.

Are you ready to see the results of day 30?

Overall my experiment went great. I improved enough to show the kids that working at something helps. Another little lesson, is that a few weeks in I had a dip in performance. Somehow, I was consistently getting less than my original 29. There was a lot of joking about “mom how are you getting worse?”!! Little stinkers. But I just kept telling them that if I was persistent I would come out ahead in the end. With my final number of 44 they were actually shocked and really impressed. I even got a “wow you did it mom!” In my books that makes the 30 day challenge totally worth it!

If anyone chooses to embark on the 30 day superdeker challenge I would love to add your results in the post! email me at meghan@happymomprojects.com

25 Hockey Fundraising Ideas

25 Hockey Fundraising Ideas

Hockey Fundraising! Yay! Said No one ever! 

If you are reading this, chances are you are a hockey parent and in need of some team funds. We all know this sport is not cheap! There is unfortunately no way around it. My first year in hockey I almost fell over when they did a cash call and announced our fundraising plans. 

I can see you right now. Doing a little dance of excitement at the prospect of getting out there to do some hockey fundraising. Kicking your heels up with glee and smiling like a crazy person.

Ha ha just kidding, its the worst. I think for most of us, its our least favorite part of organized sport. I dread it so much. Nobody likes having to bother their friends and family to buy things and even worse, going door to door. But, its a necessary evil and like anything we don’t enjoy, you just have to try and make the best of it.

Typically there are two types of fundraising:

I broke the following list of fundraising ideas up into the two categories

1. Hosting a Tournament and all the raffles, silent auctions, etc that can be done at the tournament.

2. Season long fundraising which is usually events, sales, collecting cans, etc that can be done over a longer time frame

Who is responsible for Fundraising?

So as with anything on the hockey team, its all volunteer from the team parents.

At the beginning of the season hopefully someone on your team will have taken on the team manager role. Be kind to that person. They do a lot!

The team manager will oversee all the fundraising, but will appoint a fundraising coordinator and volunteers. This Fundraising team will have the following tasks:

1. Organize all of the team parents to see what resources they have for donations. Whether it be corporate sponsorship, cash donations or items for raffles and other initiatives.

2. They might have to get out there and pound the pavement to get grocery stores to donate items for raffles, swag bags, tournament snacks, etc.

3. Contact local businesses for donations

4. Decide what the fundraising initiatives will be for the year and at home tournament

5. Organize supplies, set things up, research and apply for any gaming licences needed and collect money from families for season long fundraising.

6. Enroll the parents in all the initiatives

7. Write thank you letters to those people that donated


Just a quick note about Team fundraising at your home tournaments. Make sure to only pick one or two things and really focus on them. It becomes off putting to attendees if they are hit up for money every two minutes. So don’t do a silent auction, plus a raffle, plus a 50/50, plus a puck toss, plus one or two items. Just pick one or two and do them well!

1. Pop a Balloon


At your home tournament blow up a couple hundred balloons. Sell them for $2 each. In each balloon have a prize written on a piece of paper. Prizes range from a Sucker to a bottle of wine.  Purchase the smaller prizes at the dollar store for $0.25 value and have a few larger items donated to entice players to try and win. Make the smaller items edible for a little treat as opposed to a dollar store toy that will end up in the garbage.


  • Balloons
  • paper
  • Garbage Bags to Hold Balloons
  • Tape to attach them to a display wall
  • Box to store Prizes
  • Prizes
  • Garbage Bags to hold the balloons
Number of Balloons available for saleBalloon Sales ($2 each)Estimated Cost of Prizes and balloon(depending on Donations)Break Even point salesPotential Profit
50$100$2512 balloons$75
100$200$5025 balloons$150
150$300$75 38 balloons$225

2. Punch a Prize


Similar to the balloon popper. People have a chance to win a prize by punching through tissue paper to get what’s in the cup.  You can either display all the cups out on a table or build a board and cut holes to insert the cups in. Then you use elastics to cover each cup with tissue paper. Have one or two BIG prize which you have donated. Something like sports tickets, Wine basket, Signed Jersey, Photo session, etc. in the remainder of the cups have chocolates, suckers, hockey laces and other small prizes.


  • Cups
  • Tissue Paper
  • Elastics
  • Cardboard (If you want to build a wall)
  • Prizes
Punch Board size. Total amount of cups availableCups Sales (1 for $5, and 3 for $10)Cost of Prizes and supplies (Depending on Donations)Break Even Point SalesPotential Profits
50 Cups$170-$250$255-9 cups$145-$225
100 Cups$335-$500$459-15 cups$290-$455

3. The Great Wall of Presents


How good are you at getting donations? Every team I’ve been always have that one couple or parent that seems to be able to get donations from everywhere! They pull in Jerseys, hockey tickets, photo sessions and other crazy things. But then sometimes it stinks to see no one bid on great prizes or buy raffle tickets. With the wall of Donations you wrap a variety of boxes with a guaranteed prize of $25 but up to the chance of a $200 prize. Your earning potential is quite big. People love the chance of the unknown. 

If you have sell 1 box for $25 each or 2 for $40 you can aim for 100 boxes. This will make you $2000-$2500. But it takes a lot of leg work to fill those boxes.

To get donations, ask a variety of local grocery stores, coffee shops, liquor stores, sporting good stores, pubs and other businesses to donate $25-$40 gift cards. If you have a few parent volunteers pitch in and hit 5-10 places each it doesn’t take long at all. Then use any merchandise donated from family and friends businesses as prizes to be wrapped up as well. Some great ideas are movie tickets, admissions tickets to local entertainment companies, services and more. Its a large undertaking but so much fun and the presentation of all the wrapped gifts is endless. I did this example on a pretty big scale, but you can take the concept and make it less expensive for tickets and prizes as well.


  • Wrapping paper and gift bags (you can save if people have any leftovers at home and can donate)
  • A ton of prizes!
Present Wall Size. Amount of presents availableTotal Present Sales (1 for $25 and 2 for $40)Cost of Prizes and supplies (assuming all prizes are donated)Break Even Point SalesPotential Profits
25 Presents$505-$625$251 prize$480-$600
50 Presents$1000-$1250$502-3 prizes$950-$1200
100 Presents$2000-$2500$1004-5 prizes$1900-$2400

4. A lottery Poster

lottery tickets


Super Simple. Fill a poster with lottery tickets and then raffle off the poster. With the potential to win a lot more than the face value of the tickets, people go nuts over the “possibility”.  You can spend $50-$70 on lottery tickets and sell 1 ticket for $5, 3 for $10 and 5 for $15. All you have to do is sell 10-25 to cover your costs and then all the rest is profit. Sometimes we’ve covered with one customer! Its a good idea to always write the names and contacts down of people as they but the tickets. People can lose tickets and you don’t want any disputes when its time to announce the winner.


  • lottery tickets
  • Poster Board
  • Raffle Tickets
Lottery TicketsRaffle Ticket SalesCost of Lottery Tickets and suppliesBreak Even Point SalesPotential Profits
Large Poster$Endless!$65-$9018-30 ticketsEndless, but realistically $200-$500

5. Pick a Puck


If you have the resources or ability to get a puck signed by an NHL player then this is a great option.  You fill a table with pucks and people pay to pick a puck and flip it over. One of the pucks will have an autograph on it. (Cross your fingers it isn’t the first puck flipped) If they lose at least they got a puck to keep πŸ™‚ You can never have too many pucks!


  • Signed Puck
  • Blank Pucks in bulk (Canadian tire has their branded pucks at 30 for $35, but sometimes you can get a location to donate them as advertising. They are only branded on one side so you can put the logo side down to hide which one is signed)
Amount of Pucks availablePuck Sales ($5 each)Cost of Prizes and suppliesBreak Even Point SalesPotential Profits
25$125$255 pucks$100
50$250$5010 pucks$200
100$500$10020 pucks$400

6. The Puck Toss 


You have to double check with the arena to make sure they allow it but its a great one. People purchase pucks throughout the game with a number on them. You keep a sign up sheet to make sure you know what number is purchased. Then usually between second and third period, everyone from the stands throws them on the ice. The person that throws it closest to center ice wins a prize. .You can also run it as a 50/50 with the winning person winning half the money. You can charge whatever you like for the pucks, but I will do the example of $2 each. The prize can be donated.


  • A Prize unless you are doing the 50/50
  • Pucks you can borrow from the team bag or your hockey organization
  • A volunteer to announce the Toss and confirm the winner
Number of PucksPuck Sales ($2/puck)Cost of Prizes and suppliesBreak Even Point SalesPotential Profits
25$50$0 (or 1/2 of winnings)0 Pucks$50 ($25 if 50/50)
75$150$0 (or 1/2 of winnings)0 Pucks$150 ($75 if 50/50)
150$300$0 (or 1/2 of winnings)0 Pucks$300 ($150 if 50/50)

7. 50/50


You know what they say. If its not broke, don’t fix it. People love 50/50 draws. If you have a good sales person on your team and there are a lot of spectators it can go really well. And other than the Raffle tickets, there are no up front costs. I am quite certain everyone reading this knows what a 50/50 raffle is, but just in case. A 50/50 is when you sell tickets and you pick a winner. They win half and you keep half. $2 is a great amount to sell them at because people will almost always buy more than 1.


  •  Raffle Tickets. Since the Rolls usually come in one giant size, the price will be the same no matter how many you sell
  • A Bucket to keep the tickets in
Raffle Tickets AmountTicket SalesSupplies and Prize CostBreak Even Point SalesPotential Profits
50$100$105 tickets$90
100$200$105 tickets$190
200$400$105 tickets$390

Season Long Hockey Fundraising Ideas

Next moving onto the fundraising ideas that can be done all season. These can start on day one. Some of these are pretty big endeavors so it really depends on how many funds you need to raise for the year. Your team manager needs to get a good feel for the team on how many tournaments they want to attend for the year. If everyone wants to do a lot than you might have a lot or work on your hands. So make sure to have some fun with it!

8. Justfundraising.com/canada


This organization makes things very straightforward and easy for you. They include order forms, profit charts and free shipping. They have the following options of items to sell:

  • Cookie Dough
  • Scratch Cards
  • Lollipops
  • Beef Jerky
  • Chocolate Bars
  • Pop Corn


  • Whatever items you decide to sell

There are profit chart and calculators on the website depending on what you would like to sell. But a great example are Christmas themed lollipops. They can be used as stocking stuffers or just a great holiday treat. Depending on what you decide to sell you can keep any unsold items to sell at your home tournament or use them as prizes for some of the games listed above.

Case of LollipopsEach player must sell (based on 15 players)Sales at $1 eachCost of Each Case ($290/case)Potential Profits
1 case = 640 lollipops43$640$290$350
2 case = 1280 lollipops86$1280$290$700

9. Hockey Spirit Fundraising Calendar


These calendars have really beautiful illustrations of everything hockey. They are sentimental and easy to sell. You Sell them for $20 and the team keeps $10.The best part is that there is no money up front and free shipping. They invoice you after you do your sales run.


  • none!
Number of CalendarsEach Player must Sell (assuming 15 players)Total Sales ($20/ calendar)Cost of  Calendars ($10/ calendar)Potential Profits
1 box = 35 calendars2-3$700$350$350
2 boxes = 70 calendars4-5$1400$700$700
3 boxes = 105 calendars7$2100$1050$1050

10.The mixing spoon 


The mixing spoon is a fundraising company offering brownie, chili, soup, cookie and scone mixes. They come in adorable jars that look like Grandma made them!

You get the order sheets and distribute them out to the team to collect pre-orders. Then they arrive about 1-4 weeks later. Because of their packaging you can suggest that they make great Christmas gifts for teachers and co-workers, so selling them in October to have them arrive by the end of November is a great plan.

There is no minimums. And free shipping on large enough orders. Each Jar sells for $10 and the team keeps $4.


  • Order forms from the company
Amount of JarsEach Player Must Sell (assuming 15 players)Total Sales ($10/Jar)Total Costs ($6/Jar)Potential Profit

11. Custom Cookbook


Have all the cooks and bakers of the hockey team send in their favorite recipes. Or you could make it something hockey related, like “the best pre and post Ice time Snacks”. Send them in to a printer and have them bound into a fun cookbook. If you have a graphic designer even better to help! Sell them for $20. Your costs depending on how resourceful you can be can range from $5-$10.


  • At least 20 recipes (preferable more) to make it fun. And photos of the recipes
  • A printing location
Amount of Cookbooks availableEach Player must Sell (Assuming 15 players)Total Sales ($20/ cookbook)Cost of CookbooksPotential Profits

12. Partner up with a Local Pub


Many pubs, especially ones in your community, love to partner up with sports teams. You can arrange it as a set menu with a set price and sell tickets. Or some prefer to donate a portion of their sales that night. Your job is to invite everyone you know and make a fun night! Most parents don’t need their arm twisted too hard to have a night out.

Depending on the size of the event, you can host something like a 50/50 throughout the evening. You can also ask the pub if they are ok with you asking other patrons to buy raffle tickets as well.

Every ticket price is going to vary based on your pub partnership. But an example would be selling tickets for $30 and the team keeps $10. Attendees would get a set meal and a drink ticket. Then depending on your arrangement some may give you a percentage of drink sales too. Totally depending on whether its a private or public event.

For the example below, lets look at a public event that you are just selling tickets to. No drink sale percentages. The great thing is, at the very minimum, if you can get a pub to agree to 30 tickets, you can just have an adult night out and make $300 for the team


  • None other than your contact list
Tickets availableEach Player must Sell (assuming 15 players)Total Sale ($30/ticket)Cost of tickets ($20/ticket)Potential Profit

13. Professional Photo Session


I bet someone on your team knows a professional photographer. Everyone knows a talented photographer. Whether it be family or someone that you’ve used in the past. And photographers love exposure (see my pun there ha).

Ask a photographer to hold a mini session and families can pay and sign up for a time slot. If you charge $100/mini session. People sign up for a 30 minute slot. Give yourself time in between each slot as a buffer, but you could have 6-8 throughout a day. Offer three different dates and try to fill all the slots. The photographer makes $50/hour for the sessions and donates editing, but the selling point for them is people seeing how amazing they are as well the chance to sell prints of photos taken.


  • Just volunteers to help the photographer organize time slots and help them on the day of to ensure people are showing up and leaving when their slot is over.
Number of SessionsEach Player must sell (15 players)Total SalesCost of Sessions ($50/session)Potential Profits
8 Sessions (1 Day of sessions)Half session each$800$400$400
16 Sessions (2 Days of sessions)1 session each$1600$800$800
24 Sessions (3 Days of sessions)2 sessions each$2400$1200$1200

14. Rent a player


I went back and forth on recommending this one because it has to be done in a safe way. When I was in high school they had a program called rent a student where locals would pay $5/hour/student to get cheap labor to clean up their yards. But the school would literally drop us off on a doorstep with no supervision. I feel like in this day and age you might want to have an updated version. Maybe rent a trio where its one adult and two players available for rent for labor or errands.

You also have to have a clear price, rules and jobs they will perform available. You don’t want to send the kids out to be clearing out unsafe places or working with machinery that could injure them. Advertise certain services like simple yard clean up or snow shoveling.

You can charge $20/hour for the trio of one adult and two kids


  • Flyers
  • Possibly Shovels, rakes and other yard tools
Hours of laborEach player must sell (15 players)Total SalesCostsPotential Profits
5each trio find one hour of labor$100$25 for posters$75
15each trio finds three hours of labor$300$25 for posters$275
30each trio finds ten hours of labor$600$25 for posters$575

15. Sell Tickets


Ask local businesses that sell admission tickets if they have a fundraising program. A lot of places sell the tickets to the team at bulk prices and then you turn around and sell them for a profit. For example. Lets say a trampoline park sells admission for $20/Hour. They sell the tickets to you at $10 each. You sell them to friends and family at $15 each. Each player is responsible for 10 tickets minimum. If you have 15 players that equals minimum of $750. People love it because they get discounted prices on tickets they would have bought anyway or that they can use as Christmas presents.


  • None
Total Tickets availableEach player must sell (15 playersTotal Sales  ($15/ticket)Cost of tickets ($10/ticket)Potential Profit

16.  The Ultimate Yard Sale


You would either have to find an indoor space for this one or jump on it fast if there is a nice September weather weekend. But have each family bring as much as they possibly can for the ultimate yard sale. You throw it up on kijiji or other social media outlets that there is a 15-17 family yard sale and shoppers will come in droves! The outcome of this one is hugely varied but could bring in a couple thousand if done right.

An easy system for pricing is to have a large chart posted all around the sale and assign a colored sticker to each price. For example:

green sticker – $2, blue sticker $5, red sticker $10, yellow sticker $15, etc


  • Venue (school parking lot, arena parking lot, indoor gym)
  • Tables (hopefully venue will let you borrow some)
  • cash float
  • price tag stickers
Total donated Items availableEach player must donate (15 players)Total Sales (avg $5/item)Total Costs (variable but min poster supplies)Potential Profits
15010 items$750$25$725
22515 items$1125$25$1100
30020 items$1500$25$1475

17.  Throw a party


Rent out a community center, hire (or hopefully you know) a DJ, Buy some supplies for a concession and sell some tickets! Lets be honest, most kids at the hockey playing age don’t want to dance at a party so see if you can rent a space that allows floor hockey or other activities. This is also an opportunity that you can try some of the other ideas like punch a prize to raise a little extra money. By the time the whole team invites their family and friends, the numbers really easily hit a couple hundred people.


  • Community center or Venue (roughly $50/hour rental)
  • Concession – if you buy 200 pop and a variety of snacks and treats the concession will be about $250-$300 costs
  • Float for the concession
  • Dj and music set up
  • Floor hockey, ladder ball or other activities for the kids to have fun
Total Tickets availableEach Player must sell (15 players)Total Sales ($10/ticket)Cost of Venue Rental (5 hours for $50/hour and DJ $500)Potential Profits (not including concession)

18. Wine Raffle


Have everyone on the team donate a bottle of wine. Then you sell raffle tickets. You will need to go through your Liquor and gaming association to run a raffle and adhere to their rules. This one is always a big hit right before Christmas. Its also a good idea to give your players a minimum number of tickets to sell but then offer an incentive to kids that sell more. The highest selling player wins the chance to run drills during practice for 15 min or movie tickets.


  • Wine bottles – one donated by each family
  • Printed Raffle tickets
Total Raffle tickets AvailableEach player must sell (15 players)Total Tickets Sales ($10/ticket)Total Costs (Raffle tickets)Potential Profits

19.  Set up an Account at the bottle depot


Collecting Cans is almost not worth the work these days. There are so many teams out there and you just can’t get the volume that seemed to be doable in the past. We always set up an account at the beginning of the season and ask all the team members to drop their bottles off whenever they can throughout the season and donate it to the account. About once a month, one of our parents with a truck would volunteer to collect bags at practice and take them in the next day. It made it more convenient for the team. Its not a huge amount but usually equates to a couple hundred dollars that can be used towards coaches gifts or year end party expenses.


  • None
Number of bags donated/player (15 players)Total Value of Donations ($5/bag)

20.  Rent a movie theatre


The pricing and location will depend if this works. Very close to our community there is a local owned theater. It costs $800 to rent out the theater and it holds 177 people. If you sell tickets at $10 each and fill the theatre, you make a pretty great profit. They also offered that if we did it on a weeknight and got over 100 people, they would lower the price to $400 because they would normally not be that busy during the weekday and their concession sales would be up. Its a really fun night out and when else do you get to go see a new movie for $10?


  • tickets to sell. Should be provided by the theater
Tickets AvailableEach player must Sell (15 players)Total Sales ($10/ticket)Total Cost of RentalPotential Profits

21. Hockey Photo contest


Set up a photo contest in your hockey community. Ask participants to enter in their hockey submissions for a $5 fee. Set up an account and they can e-transfer their submission and email in their photos. You can post the photos in a facebook group to be voted on for a time duration that you decide. You could have a couple weeks for entries to be submitted and then a  couple of weeks for voting. The winning prize would be the photo printed onto a hoodie or a blanket as a keepsake. And bragging rights of course πŸ™‚


  • An account and email that people can transfer submissions to. Most likely done through your team treasurer
  • Someone to run the facebook group
  • The winning photo printed onto an item
Total Hockey submissionsEach player must Sell (15 players)Total Sales ($5/submission)Total Costs ($75 for printed prize)Potential Profits

22. Fill a bottle


In the beginning of the season, give each player an empty water bottle and give a due date that they have to fill it with change. They can go door to door, ask family and friends, or even busk for it if they like. Just make sure that you have some parent volunteers that don’t mind collecting and taking in all the change.


  • bottles to hand out
  • volunteer to roll or take in change
Each player Given one bottle. Filled is $10/bottle. (15 players)Total Collected = $150

23. Host a Fantasy Hockey Pool


www.pickuphockey.com does a great job. Have someone on your team set up the pool and then advertise to everyone you know. People LOVE hockey pools. Charge an entry fee of your choice. Most people do $15-$25, but if you think you could get enough people to sign up, go big with $50.


  • Just the website and a volunteer to manage your pool

24. FundScrip.com


Hold onto you hats because this is an amazing fundraiser if you can enroll your team. Fundscrip is a company that you buy gift cards for at face value and the retailer donates back a percentage of the gift card to the team. For example, Shell, Sobeys, Superstore and Home Depot all offer 3% back. Starbucks offers 5% and some places up to 20%. If you encourage the team parents and maybe some friends and family to buy some gift cards to places where they will be spending money anyway, they are not out of pocket anything extra and you can make some serious cash.

Before you go bananas after looking at the chart below, hear me out. Because this one is so great. If each household on your team spends $200 on gas per month (we spend a lot more unfortunately) $800 on groceries per month and $100 on eating out, that’s 11 $100 cards/player/month. Now add that up over 4 months and you have 660 cards. Get some grandparents buying cards in there and its crazy how quick it can add up. 300 cards down below doesn’t seem so hard anymore πŸ™‚


  • None
Amount of $100 CardsCost of CardsEach player must purchase (15 players)Total SalesPotential Profits (assuming avg 3% return)

25. Flip Give


Flip give is the same premise as fundscrip. They have a super handy app that makes it very user friendly. They even have a very cool option where you can plan team outings at participating restaurants and get cash back! win win! Also with the app you can shop in store and online.

The biggest difference between fundscip and flip give is that different retailers offer different percentages on each site. So depending on where you think the most popular places your team will shop, look through their retailer offers and decide which option based on that.


  •  None

Chart for potential profits will be similar to one above for fundscrip.

Hockey Fundraising Recap

I hope you found this list helpful and maybe a little inspiring for your next season of fundraising. The most important things to remember are to have fun with it and be creative. Also remember your fundraising etiquette to buy from other teams when they are doing their fundraising endeavors. Make sure at tournaments that you are attending to take some cash to purchase 50/50 tickets or other items they are selling.

Have a great season everyone and good luck!

Being a Great Hockey Mom

Being a Great Hockey Mom

What is a Hockey Mom?

I think a hockey mom is a special breed. Scratch that, I know we are. We carry our title with a lot of pride. The pride comes from the fact that Canadians are fiercely proud of hockey. Its synonymous with most Canadian stereotypes, and that comes from somewhere.  We know that we get a little intense sometimes. Just think, we love our hockey when its NHL and we don’t know the players, so watch out when its our little loves out on that ice. To say we become invested is an understatement.

The hockey mom is tough. We endure early mornings, cold rinks, endless snack planning and stinky cars. And we do it with that special hockey mom smile. We all have a week or two where we are stretched too thin and there might be a little grumbling, but we really do love every minute.

The hockey mom is generous. We give all of our time to the sport and are thrilled to do it. I’m not talking about the driving the kids to and from hockey. That’s just being a parent. I’m talking about the volunteer hours of coaching, team managing, penalty box shifts, music shifts, tournament coordinating, jersey cleaning and anything else that pops up. Not to mention the fact that any hockey mom, anywhere will drop what they are doing to pick up someone else’s kid to make sure they get to the rink. Period. That code is built into our DNA and we are happy to do it.

The hockey mom is hilarious. Someone out there is making all those hockey memes. Not to mention if you are on any hockey mom groups on Facebook or other social media ,there is some funny stuff on there. We don’t take ourselves to seriously when it comes to our stereotypes. We are a bit over the top and we’re ok with laughing about that.

So How do you be a Great Hockey Mom?

Hockey is a lifestyle. If you are reading this and have a child or children in competitive hockey you are nodding. I can see you. From September through March your life is devoted to practices, games, tournaments and volunteer work. Your team becomes your family for those months. You build friendships that last years as you circle through the different cycles of being on and off each others teams.

The hockey lifestyle comes with a bit of a catch though. Its not all sunshine and roses. You spend a lot of time with your team and rival teams. There are some people kicking around the rink that you could do without. You would never want to spend any amount of time with them regularly but because of the team you spend a lot of time with them. So things can get weird sometimes. We’ve all seen it. So how do you avoid that weirdness and make sure that you personally are the best Hockey mom you can be? Well let me give my observations.

1. Get Involved – Be a contributor on your team. There are a lot of volunteer hours up for grabs and the more people that pitch in the easier and more fun it is. There is nothing worse than the parents who volunteer for nothing but complain about everything. You don’t have to take the biggest job on but sign up for something if you can. Its also important for your kids to see you giving your time and being a part of the community

2. Be your kids number one fan – You are a hockey mom because of your kiddo so let them know how proud you are. When I watched the respect in sport parenting course that is required before registration there was one thing that really resonated. One module talks about the car ride home being the most stressful part of some kids hockey experience. It’s time where some parents take advantage of the drive home in a small confined space to point out what they did wrong or where they could have done better. It occurred to me that maybe sometimes I did talk to my kids too much about areas they could have improved rather than focusing on their positive contributions. I thought I was being encouraging, but to them maybe it sounded negative. Now I am very conscious of making sure they know I’m their number one fan and proud of everything they do on the ice. I leave it up to the coaches to help them work on things they need improve on and I focus on all their positives.

3. Be a communicator – My husband is always on the coaching staff, so I know that side of it really well. But I have seen many parents over the years that are upset about something and just let it fester. They see something during a game or a practice that they don’t like and don’t ask the coaches about it. Chances are its a super simple conversation and explanation. But they build it up in their head until they get angry and then create an unhealthy situation. Always take the time to communicate with your coaching staff and don’t let the relationship suffer as a result of miscommunication.

4.  Don’t be a gossip – There have been times over the years that I have really liked a certain mom and then they start gossiping or speaking poorly about other parents. I can’t handle trouble makers.  I find myself avoiding them because I don’t want to engage in the negative conversations. Chances are if they have garbage to say about other parents than they will find something to say about me and it makes me uncomfortable.

5. Don’t take it too seriously – Its competitive hockey and I get that. We want to win and we want the kids to improve. But there’s going to be times where things don’t go our way. Don’t be the parent that’s blaming the other team, blaming the refs and being more upset than their kid that they lost. Remember that car ride home. They hear everything. So don’t be the parents that are discussing about how “they should have won” or “that ref was an idiot”. Sometimes they will lose and being a gracious loser is an important skill for them to learn.

6. Embrace the experience – Just lean in you hockey mom. Don’t resist it. Grab your To-go cup and blanket and love the fact that you are going to the rink. I don’t know why but one of my little pleasures is when I’m struggling to carry 5 pairs of hockey skates in for sharpening I smile. I feel super cool and I have no idea why. My daughter doesn’t actually skate on hers yet but she likes sitting and wearing them to show her brothers she looks “Big”. She notices when hers aren’t included in the trip so I Carry them in and tuck them under my arm on the way out so she doesn’t see I didn’t actually leave them there. But my point is that its a great sport and we have to love our opportunity to be in it

7. Be Fun – This past year we asked Grandma and Grandpa to take the two littles when we went to an away tournaments for our oldest. We were able to actually stay up late and party with the parents. I would be lying if I didn’t say that some of the best memories happen at 2 am when you have a group of hockey moms writing out their versions of lines on a pizza box while the coaching staff look at us with dismay. You don’t have to be the life of the party to be a great hockey mom but putting the effort into the relationships with the parents is a big part of it.

8. Be Chill and avoid the snake – Have you all read the article where they classify the hockey parents? There was a re-post of it on Canadian Hockey moms here. Its a great read. But this is what I was referring to before about the gossip. Just avoid those negative parents that suck the energy out of the team. Some are worse than others and they seem to build a reputation for themselves so you tend to know who they are. Be friendly and polite but just avoid them because they like to start trouble. Don’t get sucked into any of their nonsense. Be Chill and stay out if it.

9. Be the person people can count on – Everyone has a different situation coming into the hockey family. Some are short on time with two working parents. Others have many kids in many extracurriculars so they struggle to get to everything. If you are the person that has some extra time and is able to help, Do It. Let others know that you are always available to pick a kid up, sit with them at the rink if they are late after a practice, bring a snack if they are rushing from work. Its another way that you can build that community together and make the experience great.

10. Show the volunteers some love – Maybe some years you are just not in a position to contribute extra hours to get involved. New job, new baby, health reasons. There are a variety of reasons that some years its just not happening. And that’s more than ok! Just make sure to show some love to the volunteers that were able to step up that particular year. Sometimes I think parents forget how much time and effort the volunteer staff of each team and hockey organization put in and forget to show them the love they should.

Why I love being a Hockey Mom?

So after hearing all my thoughts of what I think makes a great hockey mom I got to thinking about why I love being one so much.

It boils down to this. This sport is amazing, and it gives our family endless benefits. My kids are learning skills far beyond skating and stick handling. They have gained friendships, work ethic and dedication. They understand what it feels like to be a part of a community and that you get out of it what you put in.

It has given us a purpose as a family and a way to bond together. The super Dekker sits in the front entrance of our house where daily competitions are held. Sauce Off is set up in our sun room for quick games before dinner. Our bonus room is dedicated to mini sticks. We know every open ice time on a weekly basis within a 20 km radius to get out and skate together. The outdoor rink is the highlight of the Christmas holidays for the rare week that hockey takes a break. Its our family passion that we share together.

This is what it means to me to be a hockey mom and I love every single minute of it.

Best Gifts for Hockey Lovers

Best Gifts for Hockey Lovers

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All Prices indicated in this post were relevant at the time when I made it. I will do my best continue to check and update if anything is changed or discontinued over time

This hockey gift list was made with so much love and research.

I wanted to come up with the ultimate list of gifts for hockey lovers in all capacities. This list  includes gifts for the hockey fan, hockey player and hockey obsessed.

Many of these gifts I have given to my husband and kids in the past. I started the list with these picks because I personally have them in my house and love them! Shout out in advance to Sauce off  and the super Deker because they are both played all year round and provide a lot of entertainment and “healthy competition” for everyone in the house.

Get ready to cross everything off your Christmas, Birthday and any other gift occasion lists! Let the Hockey Gifting begin!

Lets start with the Gifts that I’ve had the Chance to Give

1. The Super Deker

Price: $349.99

I swear this was the unofficial gift of christmas last year. It was probably just the age group of my kids, but it seemed like every family got one. My kids, my husband and myself love it. We all have our own personal records and we hold competitions on a regular basis. My two sons use it to settle every argument. Who gets to pick the movie? Best of three rounds. Not to mention you see a difference on the ice with their stick handling. Get it HERE


2. Sauce Off Game by Gongshow

Price: Variety of options and styles $60.00-$198.00

Sometimes my husband is impossible to buy for. For gifts he’s pretty boring. Hoodies, jeans, guitars, scotch, hockey stuff, golf stuff and that’s about it. First of all, talk about expensive hobbies. Second, it leaves very little room to be creative. So last summer when we visited some friends at their campsite and they had this little gem set up I was stoked. It instantly went in the brain as his Christmas gift. They are quite often sold out because they are so popular so go on their mailing list to stay updated and order it early. Get it HERE

Saucer King Game

3. Hockey Legs Jeans and Pants from Gong show

Price: $60.00-$85.00 Each

Oh that hockey bum. Both a blessing and a curse. If you are a married to a life time hockey player you know what I’m talking about. I talked about my husbands butt in our wedding speech. Its just that great. However! Hockey men have thick thighs and are hard to find jeans for. Ta-da! In comes Gongshow to save the day. These are a great price, great quality and his favorite jeans. Get them at Gong show Gear

Hockey Legs Distressed

4. JR NHL-Opoly

Price: $36.99

This was a super big hit for both a gift and game night. Easy to play with the little ones, but because it was hockey based my older son didn’t groan at playing a “little” kid  game

5. NHL Matching Game

Price: $14.99

My 4 year old thought this was the best thing ever. The matching game aspect of it only lasted a week and now I just have NHL logos all over my house. But they place with them constantly. They use it more like a skill testing to see who has all the NHL logos memorized. But hey, they are having fun so who cares if they are playing it wrong?

6. Blade Shades

Price: $39.99

These are a great stocking stuffer. Well only if you are like us and only do a few stuffers. Because they are not super cheap. But well worth the price. Great quality and my oldest kiddo loves them so much he hasn’t lost them. That’s worth it on its own!

7. Hockey Net

Price: $175.99

Best way to get your kids outside? Put a net on the driveway. Guaranteed hours of fresh air and exercise. Not to mention its a great way for kids to build relationships with other kids on the street. Perfect Gift for hockey kids.

Now Lets Move onto all the other gifts I’ve found and Can’t wait to get for this year!

8.  Super cool Table top Hockey slingshot game

Price: $20.54

I think this one will be a great Christmas gift. Its great for any age and will definitely be played a ton. The only problem I foresee is the boys two year old little sister stealing all the pucks and running away,  but that’s a game in itself!

9. Hockey Periodic Table Poster

Price: $20.00

How creative and cute it this! Luckily my sons share a room so if I buy it for one then they both get to enjoy it! Get it HERE

Periodic Table Of Hockey - Poster

10. Gonger Pong Table

Price: $160.00

Ok I’ll be honest. I”m not entirely sure where I’m going to fit this but I feel like we need it. It might have to wait for summer time when we can play in the backyard. But I’m super excited for it. You are probably recognizing a trend at how much I love the Gongshow website. Their stuff is amazing. Get the Gonger Pong Table HERE

Gonger Pong Table

11. Goalie Mask Standings Tracker

Price: $29.34

How handy is this little thing? If you have someone in your house that is very numbers oriented, this is a great hockey gift. Gives an instant visual to how your team is doing this season.

12. Hockey Bedding!

Price: Variety of sizes. Starting at $64.85

Its cozy, its cool and its hockey. Trifecta. Looks like a hit to me

13. This Very Creative Puck Display Case

Price: $160.00

We have some great sentimental pucks. A few signed pucks from my husbands childhood and each of my kids first goals. This is a great decoration for the kiddos bedroom.  Get it HERE

14. NHL Coloring Book

Price: $7.95

This one looks like a great stocking stuffer! And a really good price too.

15. Hockey Trivia Book For Kids

Price: $11.83

Again a great stocking stuffer and a lot of fun to challenge everyone’s knowledge. Mine might be a little lacking but maybe I could keep up with the kids?

16. Hockey Stick Snow Brushes

$16.00 Each

I think this might be the most Canadian thing I’ve ever seen. These are 100% going in my husbands Christmas list this year. Great Hockey lover Gift. And original! Get it HERE

17. Hockey Stick BBQ Tools 

Price: $12.00

Hockey stick snow brush in the winter and then onto the hockey stick BBQ tools for the summer. Perfect! Get the BBQ tools HERE

18. Roller Gard for Skates

I haven’t decided if this will be a great product or a disaster. If I end up buying them I will edit this to inform you. My thought process is that at the very least they could be used to break in new skates over the summer before the season starts. Wouldn’t be able to practice edge work, but maybe help improve crossovers in the little ones?

19. Hockey Stick Chair

Price: $199.00

Would I want it in my living room….probably not. But around the fire pit yes please! Find it HERE

20. Custom Wall Hockey Decal

Price: $58.60-$200.82 CAD

I just keep picturing sending the kids to Grandma and Grandpas for the night and when they return home having this set up in their room. I would have to get two for now and when my daughter gets older maybe three! I’m going to need some bigger walls. See the Decals HERE

21. Automatic MINI hockey ball passer

Price: $34.99 CAD

I looked at this one a few times before I realized it was mini and meant to be played with mini sticks. Would be great for hand eye coordination and can be played indoors

22. Z is for Zamboni Book

Price: $9.78-$24.58

This one is available on kindle, in paperback, board book and hard cover. Perfect little book for your hockey players in training.

23. Hockey skate Cufflinks

Price: $87.95

Realistically its once a year that my husband might need cufflinks but these are perfect for such an occasion. Love them! Get them HERE

24. The Hockey Song in Hard Cover

Price: $21.36

Stompin Tom Connor’s Epic classic illustrated in an adorable way. Yep I’m getting it.

25. Hockey Pencils

Price: $16.99

Not much to say about these. They just look cool. Great gift for a hockey lover

26. Medal Holder

Price: $89.99

They work so hard for their medals so give them something cool to hang them on. Get it HERE

27. Novelty Sign

Price: $45.85-$105.35

This one might be a little bit more for the moms. Keeping that dream alive that the boys will only pee directly into the toilet. Maybe a a hockey reference might help?

Get it HERE

28. Hockey Extreme Slide Board Pro

Price: $279.95

Good little hockey gift for the off season. Keep those legs strong and I’m quite sure it would provide a lot of entertainment while they tried to get the hang of it.

29.  Hockey Movie 

Price: Varies

You can’t go wrong with a sports movie. I am currently working on the most thorough epic hockey movie list I can make. Its taking a lot of research because I’ve identified 50 movies and I want to watch them all to see what is family friendly and which ones are for after they head to bed. Join the mailing list to be informed when I am done or check back soon!

30: Gift Cards to their Favorite Sports Store

Price: Whatever your little heart desires

There are times when my kids want something hockey gear wise that I just can’t justify. They will always have safe helmets and gear that fits but I’m not going to pretend they are rolling to the rink in everything top of the line. Sometimes they want that fancy stick or new gloves when their old ones are just fine for another season. If they collect gift cards from different family members throughout the year they have a little sport bank of their own to splurge on something cool that I probably wouldn’t buy otherwise.

I hope this list gave you some new ideas for your gift giving this year! I will keep updating and adding to it as I find new ideas.

Happy Hockey Gift Giving!

Christmas Party Hockey Game

Christmas Party Hockey Game

Every year around Christmas time our kids hockey teams have a Christmas party. Just a chance for the kids to have some fun off the ice and the parents to share some Christmas cheer. We usually like to play a game or two and make it extra fun for the players.

Last year I decided to write a story based on another Christmas game called Right to Left. If you’re not familiar with it, everybody sits in a circle with a gift. Then a story is read where the words, RIGHT, LEFT and ACROSS are used a lot and every time a word is said you either pass your gift left, right or to the person across. Then when the story is over you open whatever gift you are holding. Usually the story involves Santa on some sort of adventure but I revised the idea to involve Hockey. 

I decided rather than asking each child to bring a gift I would just have one prize gift. It was something small. Hockey stick shaped candy canes if I remember correctly. I wrapped it and taped it to the bottom of one chair before the kids arrived. Then placed all 16 chairs in a giant circle. Make sure that they are spaced in a way that it is super clear who is directly across from them.

When it was time for the game I had all the kids pick a chair. Then instead of having them pass a gift around, they had to get up and move for each direction in the story. It was super fun and great for kids that have trouble sitting still.

This was my story. Use it for your parties and make sure to change the names to fit your team. The kids get so excited when they hear their name in the story. When the story is all finished tell them that one lucky winner will have a prize taped to the bottom of their chair. Get ready for chaos because they will flip those things over fast. Have fun and Happy Holidays

The Big Game

There was one game LEFT in the season for our super awesome team. And it was the biggest game of the season yet. The kids were excited and nervous from the top of their head RIGHT down to their toes

The first line skated out onto the ice. Joe and Caleb were on defence, Brooks in net and Ruby, Jarett and Jesse out front. They lined up RIGHT ACROSS from their opponents and gave them a good stare down. RIGHT in the eyes

The puck dropped and Jesse passed it LEFT to Jarett. He quickly carried it up the LEFT side and passed it ACROSS to Ruby who was positioned RIGHT in front of the net. She shot it in. RIGHT through the goalies legs. Everyone cheered and Ruby did a victory dance.

Then came the second line. Haley, Darren and Jordan were ready to score the second goal, while Aaron and Liam would defend their lead.

RIGHT away the other team got the puck. Their player stick handled LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT……..and LEFT once more. He stopped and shot it RIGHT at Brooks. Brooks grabbed it out of the air. Shutting them down! Liam got the puck and passed it ACROSS the ice to Darren. Darren passed with the LEFT side of his stick up the boards to Jordan. Jordan shot and the goalie blocked it. With quick hands, Haley was RIGHT there to get the rebound. Score!!! It was a great start to the game.

Fast forward to the third period with 2 min LEFT. The game had shifted a bit and was tied 2-2. The line of Cohen, Danny, Jake, Michael and Ben were the last hope. Tension was high and the arena was quiet.

The kids glanced at each other with a look of determination ACROSS their faces. The face off was lost and the puck went LEFT. It was quickly shot up the middle to which coach Bob yelled GO GO GO!! The other team nabbed it and skated it back in our zone. They skated to the RIGHT side of the net and passed it ACROSS the front. The pass was missed! Jake shot the puck up the RIGHT side and Michael expertly turned LEFT and shot it RIGHT into the net with seconds LEFT to spare.  WE WIN!!!

The kids cheered and celebrated all around the ice. They skated LEFT, RIGHT, ACROSS, up and down the ice. It was the perfect end to a great season.