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You have probably figured out by now how important non toxic, chemical free cleaning is to me. I am a firm believer that green cleaning is the healthiest thing for your home and your family.

I am by no means perfect when it comes to healthy living, but chemical free cleaning is such an easy thing to do. Years ago when I bought my first carpet cleaner, I took a look at the cleaning solution that came with it and said nope. The chemical smell was overwhelming and made me feel lightheaded. My first question was, what can I use instead of store bought carpet cleaning solution?

I tried a few different recipes, and after coming across a blog from an actual carpet cleaning company I found my “solution”. Ha! See what I did there? But they said that what it really comes down to is super hot water that breaks up the dirt in the carpet. Chemicals and solutions help aid the process, but its the hot water that accounts for most of the cleaning. Well that works for me!

I experimented a little, but my favorite carpet cleaner homemade solution is simply super hot water, a small sprinkle of natural laundry soap across the carpet and a little bit of essential oils in the tank to add a fresh smell. Don’t go overboard on the laundry soap or oils. Neither are necessary, and too much could result in either a foamy or oily carpet. I only spread half a scoop over the carpet and put about 6-8 drops in the 1 liter tank

Me Demonstrating the Carpet Cleaning Process I use

I have this carpet on our main floor in the TV room that is white. I got it from IKEA so its nothing fancy but I really love it. Its not huge and it only takes me about 10-15 min to complete the whole process of vacuuming and carpet cleaning. I wanted to demonstrate how easy my method is, but I decided you probably didn’t want to watch me clean for 15 minutes so I super sped it up. I taped my phone to the ceiling which probably took longer than the actual cleaning process, but it worked out to be a pretty cool visual.

If I could really clean this fast my house would look amazing all the time!

The Results of the Carpet Cleaning DIY Solution

At the end of the video you can see my failed attempt at trying to hold up the dirty water to see. Apparently I forgot how gravity works. So here is a quick recap of the results.

I love love love this carpet cleaner homemade solution. It makes me feel so good when I see the kids lying on the carpet watching a movie that they aren’t inhaling residue of chemicals and that it is fresh and clean.