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Fresh off my motivation of watching “the Last Dance” about Michael Jordan, I wanted to show my kids that hard work, even in its smallest form can add up to more. Thus, the 30 day Challenge for the Super Deker was started.

I have mentioned in some of my other posts how much our family loves the Super Deker in this house. They use it to settle disputes, compete for things they want and just for something to do when they are bored.

My husband is a hockey guy so he holds the house record. Me, not so much. My 5 year old has now passed me in abilities.

I Decided to start a 30 day super Deker challenge for 2 reasons:

  1. I’m tried of being made fun of for my weak skills
  2. I Want to show the kids in a tangible way that when you work at something consistently every day, you will improve immensely. This is something I try to tell them constantly. If you read 15 min everyday, it will improve your reading comprehension. If you practice fractions 10 min a day you will understand them so much better. 10 min of tidying up at the end of the day makes the world of difference. These are all things I say but I feel like it goes unheard. So I’m going to give them undeniable, slap in your face proof. If mom can get significantly better at the super Deker by practicing 10 min a day, then just think what they could be capable of in all aspects.

Day 1 was a little rough. But I feel like a good starting point. The very first time I ever did it when we got it a year ago, I got 14. So 29 is a pretty big feat already!

After 30 days of practicing I upped my number. Well almost 30 days. There were a few that I missed in there. Overall, in the 30 day challenge, I think I accomplished about 25 days. My husband gave me a few tips, like just practicing passing the puck back and forth with the machine not turned on. Just to get my wrist a bit more relaxed.

Are you ready to see the results of day 30?

Overall my experiment went great. I improved enough to show the kids that working at something helps. Another little lesson, is that a few weeks in I had a dip in performance. Somehow, I was consistently getting less than my original 29. There was a lot of joking about “mom how are you getting worse?”!! Little stinkers. But I just kept telling them that if I was persistent I would come out ahead in the end. With my final number of 44 they were actually shocked and really impressed. I even got a “wow you did it mom!” In my books that makes the 30 day challenge totally worth it!

If anyone chooses to embark on the 30 day superdeker challenge I would love to add your results in the post! email me at meghan@happymomprojects.com