Spread some happy

If you are like me your head is spinning right now. I can’t stop checking my phone every few minutes to see updates. The world is changing every hour and we are all a little nervous, scared and confused. Schools are closing, extracurriculars are gone and we are all left with a million questions as we start new versions of our lives in self isolation.

As we wrap up day 5 of self isolating in our house there are a few things that have become clear to me.

  • When all 5 of us are home full time we go through a lot more groceries than I was anticipating.
  • I’ve never paid attention to our toilet paper use before and I find it very odd that we have to think about it now. So far we haven’t had to get out there and hunt for it.
  • Kids are resilient. My oldest cried for two days over the abrupt end to hockey but he is now ready to get training for next year.
  • Being a part of a community is more important than ever. Making sure you are checking in with your neighbours and loved ones is essential to getting through this together.
  • I quickly identify that I am not going to be a hero of a teacher. I’m going to do my best to create a routine and stick to it. But with a 9, 4 and 1 year old, I’m not quite sure how to balance all of their different needs. Education, physical activity, household chores, parenting, working, etc. Its a bit overwhelming. But I recognize that I am in a good position compared to a lot of people as I am a stay at home mom already.
  • The first thing to go in this new jam packed schedule is anything mom related. All self care has gone out the window and that’s on me. We are all guilty of putting our families first and when your entire family is around 24/7 it becomes even more so.

So in the interest of trying to keep ourselves healthy at home so we can take care of our families to the best of our abilities take a look at the list. I know better than anyone how easy it is to put yourself last. Please try and take little bits of time to protect your brain and your body.

The next couple of months are going to be different to anything we have experienced in our lifetimes. You may feel guilt about taking time to work on yourself when there’s so much people are dealing with out in the world but its ok. If taking time for yourself gives you the energy to keep a peaceful, happy house for your kids and to protect them from the uncertainty then its important. You have to keep yourself in a good space to create the environment they need.  

The Super Duper Self Care in your Isolation Home List (rolls right off the tongue right?)

  1. Mini breaks – 5 min here and there. As you build your schedules to home school and work, keep some moments in there that you can walk away and have a tea or meditate with a breathing app. Even just a couple minutes of quiet breathe can make a huge difference.
  2. Moms night in –  Ask your partner if you can have a night off. Ask the kids to pretend you are not in the house and take some time for yourself. Give your partner the same courtesy on a different night. They may be working from home as well and not used to having little ones wild energy in the background and need a little time too.
  3. Hot Baths – I believe in the power of hydrotherapy. I am never more relaxed or calm then when I’m in a hot shower or tub. Check out my full hydrotherapy routine if you really want to kick it up a notch.
  4. Create a social support – Reach out to all of your mom friends. Make group chats. Make fun daily challenges like who’s kid cried for the dumbest reason. Share your home school triumphs, resources and of course home school fails. Also be honest about what your kids are ACTUALLY doing. Don’t pretend like you did crafts, science experiments and outdoor sports all days if you did it for 5 minutes and watched tv the rest of the day. We are all in this new normal together and we don’t need any unnecessary guilting.
  5. Indulge – Don’t beat yourself up over little indulgences. Eat Ramen noodles, have wine a little more often, stay in your pyjamas. Do what you need to do to replace your regular life indulgences like your Starbucks or monthly massages.
  6. Soak your feet and give yourself a foot massage as you get into bed – I know literally nothing about reflexology but its so relaxing when you soak them in warm water for even 2 min and massage cream into them as you crawl into bed. I swear it makes me fall asleep instantly
  7. Buy a facial vacuum thingy –  I don’t know what they are properly called. I totally fell for an Instagram ad and bought one from modern mua but I’ve seen other brands as well. Even once it arrived at my house I was shaking my head at what an idiot I was for falling for ads but the darn thing works! The first time I used it was one of the grossest yet most satisfying things ever. You have to really steam your face first and follow the directions closely because the suction is crazy strong, but my pores have never been cleaner. Its super addicting and makes me so happy. This is a great at home spa treatment to make you feel pampered.
  8. Snuggle everything in your house – Husband, partner, pets, children. I strongly believe that being close to another living thing is so healing to our souls. Now more than ever we have the opportunity to slow down and appreciate the people and pets in our home. Take the time and connect with them.
  9.  Give a kid a brush – What woman doesn’t like to have her hair brushed? I give one of my kiddos a brush, a spray bottle and some hair elastics. It keeps them busy for awhile and they think they are playing with mom but its just relaxing to me. Its my super budget spa treatment
  10. Clean out something cluttered in the house – Just pick one drawer, one shelf or one closet. Clean it out and I promise you will feel really good afterwards. There are studies that show how cleaning really is theraputic to your mind. If you have 10 minutes just pick one small thing and tidy it up.
  11. Goal Setting – Everyone in your house should be setting goals while you are in self isolation. It is so easy to let the days blurr together and spend too much time in front of screens and the tv. Its a slippery slope. But if you work together to set some goals and work towards them, it will be great for motivation and focus. Read my goal setting with kids to get some ideas. It will keep your mind clear and strong.
  12. Do your Workouts – If you can implement family workout hour, do it! Or try to find 30 min to get your sweat on while the kids are working on an assignment. I always use the excuse that I don’t have enough time but right now I have nothing but time. I don’t and can’t have anywhere to be. So all that time I was spending driving around everyday can be used to accomplish things I’ve been putting off.

I know we are a little unsure of what’s happening in the world. Its scary! We need to take care of ourselves and our loved ones. This means you too. Reach out to friends and try to stay busy. Above all else, keep yourself and your household healthy. 

The last thing I will say, and I sincerely mean this, if you don’t feel like you have other moms to reach out to during this time. Write to me! I will respond and be happy to have another person to connect with as well. We need each other. 

Stay Healthy mommas!